Danger Spoofing Attacks on GMail Account

This morning I was very surprised. When I open outlook at the office, suddenly entered the email sent from my gmail email. Things that make me wonder is, I feel not ever send email from my gmail account, even virtually been months of this email I never wear. Checks have the check, it turns out I have been hit by spoofing emails. The characteristics of simple it is, in your inbox or spam folder, there is an email with the sender of the "me " which means we own. The question is, why would we send an email to ourselves? Another characteristic is the delivery of mail to all contacts in our account, resulting in spam for others. What a terrible thing.
How does this spoofing attack? The way it works is very simple. Someone out there send an email to someone using your email address. Their way is to do with forging or overwrite your email address. Hemm... explanation like this " When you send a letter by mail, you usually write the address on the envelope so the recipient can identify the sender, and the post office can return mail to sender if there are problems. But nothing prevents you to write a different return address than your own, even, someone else could send a letter and put any address on the envelope. Email works the same way. When the server sends an email message, the server will identify the sender, but the sender to be forged. If there are problems with the delivery and someone forged your address on the message, the message will be returned to you, even if you are not the actual sender. " I think it does that say about spoofing Syech google itself.
Well, if you do not receive a reply to a message sent from your gmail account, then two things is likely happening:
1. Your email was forged by someone else ( not at the level of takeover)
2. The original sender will use your email address as your return address, so that he could rampant send spam to other people.

Want to know spamnya example? The following excerpt from an email sent using my account, and I advise not to click on the url I gave.
Hi ,my friend, How are you?
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Well, my friends, check again please check your gmail account for the convenience of your own….